new gear in my prison

27 September 2016
I got some new quality gear:
  • 8 high quality whips
  • cane
  • inflatable dildo size M
  • inflatable dildo size L
  • O-ring gag
  • spider gag from Mister B
  • dildo gag

new gear in my prison

22 July 2016
I got some new quality gear:
  • 2 x straitjacket
  • 2 x sleepsack
  • Vyper 2 - a four pole electro-compression system for penis
  • Vyper XL - an eight pole electro-compression system for penis and balls
  • cock shock - remote CBT trainer
  • shock collar - remote trainer
  • nipple pullers
  • pressure tit lock nipple clamp

new prison premises - isolation room

13 May 2016
Next stage of my prison development was made - I have opened Room No. 3 - isolation room. It is a very strict, cold, wet and dark place, which is fantastic tool for me to break my prisoners. This is a space lacking of any comfort, absolutely industrial, for peple with nerves of steel, with strong fantasies and most of all they have balls to try it.

Photos of isolation room can be found in the gallery.

new gear in my prison

10 april 2016
I got some new quality gear:
  • heavy duty hood from Fetters
  • 4 leather masks (1 for sensory deprivation, 2 classic hood, 1 mask with blindofold and gag)
  • 2 pair of bondage mittens (leather and latex)
  • noise protector head phones 3M Peltor X5
  • 3 blindfolds (leather, plastic and welding googles)
  • inflatable gag with head harness
  • ball gag
  • tongue press
  • tower stretch clamps
  • 4 pairs of nipple clamps (i.a. magnetic clamps and nip stix)
  • rings with spikes for TT
  • heavy metal hands and legs cuffs "irish eight"
  • 9 resin canes in various sizes and thicknesses

if you are looking for something diffrent

visit - a lot of possibilites of classic bdsm sessions

warsaw is closer than you think!

Warsaw airport is well connected to almost 90 cities by national and inexpensive airlines.

currently in workshop

In the prison workshop a dunking device is being built – a tank that can be used for water tortures including immersion of prisoner.