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Warsaw Prison Public Chain Gang May 2023

date: 18 May 2024
fee: 250 eur
participants: Prisoners, Mistress, Guards and Warsaw Community
duration: around 6h, 20:00 - 3:00
On Sat, May 18, 2024 whole our crew will be attending a kinky party ! Our prisoners can join us during this event form a Chain Gang. If you like to publicy exposed, put naked in the chains or simply get whiped in front of our Warsaw BDSM community, thats a great chance. More info here Chain Gang May 2024

WP 2.0

650 sqm of space! The movie studio, BDSM dungeon, and event space in Warsaw. Decent location 30 min by foot from Old Town.

Easy to reach

Warsaw can be easily reached by plane. Less than 2 h from most European destinations. Flying from the USA and CA?
You can easily get directly from Toronto, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles in 8-12h for 500$ both ways!

Warsaw City

Warsaw is a beautiful, clean, and very safe city. The Old Town, Wisla river boulevard, Museums, gardens but also a modern city with great transport infrastructure, shopping halls, a lot of good quality hotels and restaurants with tasty food. Also some unique leisures - DeepSpot, FlySpot, Suntago Water Park, shooting ranges, tank driving, car tracks.