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Stay types & programs

Stay in WP can be customised. You can choose from diffrent stay types and prison programs.

Finale shape is our stay is based on answers you provide in our questionnaire in the booking system and arrangments via email.

Stay types

Regular prison stay

Typical WP prison experience. It is based on our prison roleplay, our prison routine and a lot of prison bondage. During playtime we will be putting you in diffrent bondage positions. That will be almost 80% of playtime. You will also be locked in isolation for some short few hours time.

Isolation stay

Simple as it sounds. Enjoy days being locked in our cell or in our Wormhole. Our Guards will eventually move you you even more confined space like our black box or vertical box.

Work focus stay

Sometime you need time to foucus on your things. During day time you are allowed to use your laptop and have access to internet.

Semi open prison

You are allowed to leave prison during your day time. After breakfeast you can leave prison for doing business and sightseeing and be back in the evening.


Programs are optional activites you can have during your stay. We suggest to add programs before arriving to facility, but it is possbile to ask our Guards to include while beign already here.

Arrest & prison transfer

participants: one of WP Guards, Chogal as driver
duration: Transfer time from airport or hotel to Warsaw Prison. Around 30-40 mins
fee: 150 EUR
You are being arrested by one of WP Guards. You are lead to the car and then cuffed, muzzled, blindfolded . You are being transfered to our prison.

Execution of punishment - Corporal punishment

participants: two of WP Guards
duration: 1h
fee: 150 EUR
Your are brought out from your cell to hear the sentence. Guard will take you to punishment place and then securely tie you to the cross, pillar or bench . Then you will be whiped, canned or flogged. Sensesion range of hits can be from light to extremly hard and painfull, depending on your durability

Oversight bondage

participants: one of WP Guards
duration: 4h
fee: 200 EUR
In Warsaw Prison we do a lot of bondage. Most of the time guards put in bondage and leave you for 15 - 30 mins alone. However there is a group a bondage positions that require supervision - all kinds of struggle bondage, predicament bondage. That also includes suspension bondage, standing position and murga position. Job of Guards is to put you in bondage and then supervise your safety.

Mindgames - breaking ego

participants: WP Guards
duration: 4h
fee: 200 EUR
Task of prison of prison was always breaking people. In this program we develop ways to break you with diffrent tasks. Those will be simple tasks and we will watch carefully how are you performing and in most cases how you fail misserably. Of course there is punishment for your failure. During this program you will be supervised by 1 guard at the moment, guards will change over the time.

Guard Dog training with Miss Troffea

participants: WP Guard Miss Troffea
duration: 4h
fee: 200 EUR
Guard Miss Troffea is big fan of pet play. She developed her own uniqe program that goal is to prepare puppy to be a brave dog to server and protec our guards.

Hard labour with Guard Elza

participants: WP Guard Elza
duration: 4h
fee: 200 EUR
You will be assigned with labour tasks. Guard Elza will supervise you during this time and force you, usually by force, to effective work. You will feel her attention and her whip.

Position drill with Guard Elza

participants: WP Guard Elza
duration: 4h
fee: 200 EUR
Being a good slave requires some basic knowledge - how to stand, how to sit, how to serv a Mistress. Guard Elza will teach you those positions . As Guard Elza is not a fan of positive motivation so she will use whip to improve your performance.


Regular Transfer - one way - WAW Chopin, any other place in Warsaw

fee: 30 EUR
Regular transfer with Chogal. During transfer you can ask for "backstage" details about Warsaw Prison, kinky scene in Poland or just have a friendly chat with one of most kinkiest person in Poland.

Regular Transfer - one way - WMI Modlin Airport, RDO Radom Airport

fee: 50 EUR
Transfer from the airport located away from Warsaw.

Late prison intake

fee: 50 EUR
For prison intake between 22:00 - 24:00 additional fee applies.

WP 2.0

650 sqm of space! The movie studio, BDSM dungeon, and event space in Warsaw. Decent location 30 min by foot from Old Town.

Easy to reach

Warsaw can be easily reached by plane. Less than 2 h from most European destinations. Flying from the USA and CA?
You can easily get directly from Toronto, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles in 8-12h for 500$ both ways!

Warsaw City

Warsaw is a beautiful, clean, and very safe city. The Old Town, Wisla river boulevard, Museums, gardens but also a modern city with great transport infrastructure, shopping halls, a lot of good quality hotels and restaurants with tasty food. Also some unique leisures - DeepSpot, FlySpot, Suntago Water Park, shooting ranges, tank driving, car tracks.