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Prison stay rules

    1. The way Warsaw Prison is runned is SSC way - Safe, Sane and Consensual
    2. The stay in the Warsaw Prison is consensual, and the length of stay in it is an individual decision of each prisoner. No one is kept here by force or against their will.
    3. The duration of the stay is counted from the moment of entering the Warsaw Prison building, as was booked via the online booking system.
    4. You can book your stay at Warsaw Prison only through the online booking system, which is tantamount to confirming your will to stay in the place and accepting all its rules.
    5. Before coming to Warsaw Prison, you must fill out a preference form. It is the responsibility of every prisoner.
    6. The arrangements for a stay made by e-mail are binding.
    7. the prison day starts at 8:00 and ends at 22:00. During this time, the prisoner can expect attention from the guards. Quiet time starts at 22:00. The prisoner remains in his cell and, if necessary, is assisted at night, but no other activities take place then.

    1. The stay in the prison is supervised by qualified guards and facility staff who care about the safety of the prisoners.
    2. A stay in prison includes:
      1. accommodation in a cell equipped with a bed with a mattress, table, lamp, bedding, and emergency button
      2. unlimited access to drinking water in bottles
      3. 3 meals a day (or more depending on arrangements and required diet)
      4. possibility to take a shower twice a day
      5. access to the bathroom twice a day to brush teeth etc.
      6. access to a telephone/computer (as agreed, no more than 2 times a day)
      7. supervision of the prisoner by guards 24/7
    3. The prisoner wears a uniform or is completely naked during the stay.
    4. The prisoner is not alone while in prison. It may happen that there will be more prisoners at the same time, different Dommes, and different sessions. However, this does not affect the contracted stay.
    5. During the stay, the prisoner has the right to access his mobile phone and/or computer, which he hands over to the guards on the day of arrival, and they give him the devices at a predetermined time, not more often than twice a day. Warsaw Prison guarantees access to the Internet.
    6. Smoking in prison is allowed only in a designated place, and its frequency is subject to individual arrangements.
    7. Upon arrival at the prison, the prisoner is obliged to hand over all his private belongings to the guards, which will be returned to him intact after the end of his stay. The prison is fully responsible for any loss or damage to private property.
    8. The prisoner is financially responsible for any damage to the facility's property during his stay in an amount equal to the purchase or repair amount.
    9. Parking your own car on the premises is allowed and free of charge. Warsaw Prison is not responsible for the car left on its premises.
    10. Prisoners are not permitted to leave the facility during their stay unless previously agreed with the prison crew .

    1. The stay begins at the moment of arrival at the property.
    2. The prisoner signs the documents, including the completed preferences questionnaire, as confirmation of consent to prior arrangements made by e-mail.
    3. The prisoner gives his personal belongings and hands over his phone, computer, medicines, cosmetics, and other things necessary during his stay to the guard. The prisoner receives a number, is cuffed, and is shown around the facility, and then quartered in the cell assigned to him.
    4. Depending on the time of day, the prisoner is washed and receives meals.
    5. The prisoner can expect a change of his place of stay or a change in the degree of immobilization according to the preferences and ideas of the guards.
    6. An inseparable element of staying in Warsaw Prison is bondage and isolation. The degree of advancement of the position depends on individual arrangements before arrival in prison. Positions are matched to the prisoner's abilities to guarantee comfort, safety, and maximum desired sensations.
    7. The curfew starts at 10 PM.
    8. In the prisoner's cell, there is an emergency button that must be pressed to call the guards in case of problems.

    1. The prisoner is under the supervision of female guards 24/7.
    2. The guards change throughout the day.
    3. There is no choice under whose supervision a prisoner remains.
    4. The guards are responsible for admitting the prisoner to the facility, feeding him, washing him, giving him a telephone if required, and checking his condition.
    5. Other activities undertaken by the guards include: putting on handcuffs, chaining the prisoner to various places (incl. walls, and furniture), immobilizing the prisoner in positions from the WP bondage catalog, and placing the prisoner in various places for isolation.
    6. The guards take care of the prisoner's safety and health, control the course of the stay, and their decisions regarding the plan of the prisoner's stay are final.
    7. The guards remain in the facility also at night to control or assist the prisoner if necessary.
    8. The guards have right to:
      1. poke, hit, faceslap, kick prisoners
      2. use cattle prods, electric collars or remote shocking devices
      3. humilate in various verbal ways
      4. use whips, canes and crops
      5. use prisoners for labor around facility

    1. Warsaw Prison is staffed by experienced people who have many years of experience in the BDSM scene.
    2. The preferences form and arrangements made by e-mail are binding and respected by Warsaw Prison Guards.
    3. All equipment and accessories are regularly disinfected after each use.
    4. Warsaw Prison is equipped with condoms, lubricants, and disposable gloves.
    5. Bed linen, towels, and blankets are washed at high temperature after each use.
    6. The safeword in prison is the word "STOP", which ends the game immediately, but it is not synonymous with the end of the stay.
    7. After using the safe word, we step out of the role and talk about the reason for using it.
    8. Safeword should be used as a last resort, not as a form of rest from role play.
    9. For physical problems, use the sentence asking for “BODY CHECK” OR “HEALTH ISSUE” and then add what the problem is, e.g. blood circulation problem, back pain, too tight bondage, numb hands.
    10. The consequence of the use of "body check" or “health issues” is to change the position, place, or equipment and adapt it to the capabilities of the prisoner.
    11. In the prisoner's cell, there is an emergency button that must be pressed in a critical situation, when immediate intervention by the Guards is necessary.
    12. The emergency button is also with the prisoner in any other place where he is alone without the direct supervision of the Guards.

    1. A prisoner can receive 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), as well as unlimited access to bottled drinking water and two teas/coffees a day.
    2. Food is served on plates, and drinks are in cups. The prisoner has access to cutlery.
    3. The diet requirements are respected by the Warsaw Prison crew.
    4. Restrictions, food allergies, food intolerances, and other health requirements must be provided on a pre-stay questionnaire.
    5. The Warsaw Prison is responsible for the quality of food served to prisoners, who can expect classic dishes such as rice with vegetables and chicken, pasta <<
    6. with sauce, dumplings, and sandwiches.

    1. The prisoner is obliged to inform in detail about his true state of health before arriving at the facility. Warsaw Prison is not responsible for the consequences of concealing false information.
    2. All health and mobility restrictions are respected by prison guards, and the intensity of the stay is adapted to the capabilities of the prisoner.
    3. Deliberate concealment of the true state of health may result in termination of stay and expulsion from prison.
    4. If the prisoner needs to take medication, this must be communicated prior to arrival. The pharmaceuticals are placed in the prisoner's cell and he is responsible for taking them.
    5. The prisoners are obliged to inform about any allergies, not only to food but also to materials, etc., before their stay.
    6. The prisoners are obliged to inform about their diagnosed phobias before their stay.

    1. A prisoner is able to access the bathroom twice a day for the morning and evening toilet.
    2. The prisoners are allowed to take a shower a maximum of 2 times a day, unless individual arrangements provide otherwise.
    3. The Warsaw Prison prepares a towel, shower gel, toilet paper, toothpaste, and a toothbrush for the prisoner. If the prisoner needs more cosmetics or any other kind, he is obliged to bring them with him and hand them over to the guards.
    4. In the cell, the prisoner has a bucket in which he relieves himself during the day. Prisoner is to obliged to empty bucket to sewage drop during morning, evening toilet.
    5. In a situation where individual arrangements include a ban on leaving the cell, the prisoner performs all hygienic activities in a bowl that he receives in the cell from the WP guards.

    1. Male prisoners are supervised only by female guards. Female prisoners can ask for male guards.
    2. During your stay, you won't interact with other prisoners. Only Prison guards are allowed to touch you, talk with you and give commands.
    3. The prisoner has the right to decide whether he can be seen by others during his stay and if so, whether he wants to wear a mask during this time.
    4. The prisoner has no control over whether he passes another prisoner in the corridor while moving around the facility.
    5. The Warsaw Prison does not record or take photos of the stay in the facility unless individual arrangements provide otherwise.
    6. Be aware that noises from other inmates, other activities, and everyday life within the facility may appear and be heard in the prison.
    7. The facility ensures isolation and anonymity from third parties from the outside, not related to Warsaw Prison in any way.
    8. The facility does not guarantee isolation from sounds from the outside world while staying in the facility.

    1. Arriving at the facility under the influence of drugs and alcohol or other intoxicants.
    2. Consuming alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicating substances on the premises.
    3. Using poppers or other boosters.
    4. Suggesting or coercing sexual acts on guards.
    5. Aggressive, passive-aggressive behaviors and behaviors that threaten the sense of security of the guards.
    6. Blackmail and behavior that may be considered harassment or harassment of guards.
    7. Smoking in prohibited places.
    8. Keeping prohibited items in the cell, without prior consultation with the prison guards.
    9. Breaking any of the rules can have consequences depending on the severity of the offense, ranging from a warning to expulsion from prison.

    1. Prison guards do not perform session activities ex. anal play, pegging, CBT, nipple play, milking . Session actvites are subject to session with a Mistress.
    2. If the guard is also a Mistress you can ask her for session during the stay.
    3. If a prisoner wants to diversify his stay, include session activites, he has the right to invite one or more Mistresses to participate in his stay, who will take control and responsibility over him for the time set by him.
    4. Warsaw Prison does not mediate in any way in individual arrangements between a prisoner and Mistress.
    5. Warsaw Prison is not responsible for individual arrangements between the prisoner and Mistress.

    1. The prisoner has the right to stop his stay at any time.
    2. The prisoner, after making a decision to terminate his stay in prison, has the right to leave it or stay in the prison as in a hotel facility in his cell or in a guest room, depending on availability.
    3. If the termination of the stay is due to the individual decision of the prisoner, Warsaw Prison does not return the funds paid and they do not carry over to the next stay.
    4. If the termination of the stay is caused by a visible deterioration of the prisoner's health or a proven unexpected life situation, the money paid in the form of a voucher can be used for the next stay.
    5. If the termination of the stay was caused by breaking the rules of the prison, the prisoner is expelled immediately without reimbursement of the funds paid and with a ban on returning to the Warsaw Prison.
    6. If the termination of the stay ahead of time is the fault of the facility, the funds paid for the stay are returned in the form of a transfer within 7 working days to the prisoner's account.
    7. If the termination of the stay in prison is due to unforeseeable factors, such as weather disasters, tragic social events, terrorist attacks, etc., the prisoner can apply for a refund for the unused part of the stay, or change it to a voucher for another stay.

    1. If the the selected stay, pratices in prison is too intensive, the prisoner has the right to ask for a change of arrangements and change to another one
    2. If the information that the prisoner provided in the questionnaire needs to be changed, in particular the prisoner has overestimated his capabilities and limits
    3. The stay is arranged as from arrival on a specific date and time to leaving on a specific date at a specific time. Extending the stay, changing the start or end times must be approved by Warsaw Prison. Extending the stay depends on availability.
    4. Rates for extending the stay can be settled per hour or day according to the principles of pricing stays at Warsaw Prison

    1. If the stay did not take place due to the fault of the prisoner, the money paid is not refundable.
    2. If the stay did not take place for reasons beyond the prisoner's control (documented cancellation of the plane, documented illness), the funds paid can be used in the form of a voucher for the next stay.
    3. If the stay was not completed due to the fault of the Warsaw Prison, the funds are returned to the prisoner's account within 7 working days, unless individual arrangements provide otherwise.
    4. The deposit paid, unused for two years from the date of payment, is transferred to Warsaw Prison and is non-refundable anymore.

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Warsaw is a beautiful, clean, and very safe city. The Old Town, Wisla river boulevard, Museums, gardens but also a modern city with great transport infrastructure, shopping halls, a lot of good quality hotels and restaurants with tasty food. Also some unique leisures - DeepSpot, FlySpot, Suntago Water Park, shooting ranges, tank driving, car tracks.