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March 2024 update. Start of 2024 season.

Updated 27-02-2024

After calm and warm winter Warsaw Prison is preparing for new season 2024.

During this winter we introduced a lot of small improvments to the facility. Mostly we focused on backstage aspects, work organisation and good living conditions for our Guards.
It was also time for summary of last few intensive months. We are all very happy about what we achieved. We have a great team of Guards and Mistresses, tons of gear, and our facility is warm and clean.
We found areas that require more attention, mostly regular updates and posting kinky content on social media. No worries. We are fixing that.
But most importantly. Our prisoners are happy prisoners and after first stays they're already coming back for more.

New Youtube update is here!

Chogal finaly managed to get out of his bear's lair and made update about his workshop.

Click here Warsaw Prison Workshop Update

Improvements to prison cells

For last months, our cell were on their 'trial' - we were testing their functionality and now we are making them into their final shape. Here is a list of things we are adding:
  • set of bondage anchor points
  • anochor point for ankle chain
  • small table
  • simple bondage chair
  • lamperii ( dado ) for easier cleaning
  • silent electric heater
  • heavy window shutter in cells 3 and 4
  • lighting and heating automation
  • alarm light
  • reading and nightlamp light
  • usb and power sockets
We started looking for a books collection as part of our prison library.

Some of this additions are part of newly introduced privileges system. Our Guards will decide which privileges you will get during your stay.

Picutres are coming soon. Chogal will also make an update about improved cells soon.

New room - Transformation room

To this time our facility didn't have space dedicated for Sissyfication and Sluttification. All the transformations were made in the Red room or in the studios without good mirror, proper vanity table and easily accessible wardrobe.
The new room will have:
  • wardrobe with wigs, collection of shoes and sissy clothing
  • dimmable warm lighting
  • vanity table with mirror and dimmable, cold-warm adjustable lighting
  • additional makeup ring lamps
  • comfortable sofa
  • colorfull neon decoration lighting
Room is already painted and ready to use in 1 week of March. We will add missing decoration lighting till end of March.

We will also add more dedicated gear for slut training.

Picutres are coming soon. Chogal will show this room in general facility update.

WP 2.0

650 sqm of space! The movie studio, BDSM dungeon, and event space in Warsaw. Decent location 30 min by foot from Old Town.

Easy to reach

Warsaw can be easily reached by plane. Less than 2 h from most European destinations. Flying from the USA and CA?
You can easily get directly from Toronto, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles in 8-12h for 500$ both ways!

Warsaw City

Warsaw is a beautiful, clean, and very safe city. The Old Town, Wisla river boulevard, Museums, gardens but also a modern city with great transport infrastructure, shopping halls, a lot of good quality hotels and restaurants with tasty food. Also some unique leisures - DeepSpot, FlySpot, Suntago Water Park, shooting ranges, tank driving, car tracks.