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Jak zwykle przy tak złożonym projekcie jest opóźnienie . Pokoje powinny być dostępne pod koniec listopada. Studia A i B gotowe do oficjalnego otwarcia.

warsaw prison 2.0

Dear slaves, visitors, and supporters,

you probably noticed that the studio calendar is locked for the next few months. There is a very important reason for that.

You can follow our progress on our YouTube Channel

it is time to move to a new place

It is not just an ordinary 'relocation'. It is a new concept, in which everyone can participate as shareholders! If you considered the current WP as a complicated project let's scale it 4-8 times.

what is the warsaw prison 2.0?

In a few words - it is a space for kinky fun anybody can rent. Around 650 sqm plus back office. Space themed as a prison, 5 bedrooms, 8 prison cells, and 10 rooms filled with unique gear. Decent space for:

  • Kinky couples - both FemDom and MaleDom
  • Proffesional Mistresses and their slaves
  • Hosting play events up to 16 attendants
  • Making kinky movies

a bit more complex explanation

Warsaw Prison is a place dedicated to the BDSM community members who are looking for high-end and unique experiences both kinky and leisure. The place should follow rules and standards to be successful as a business and memorable experience for our guests.
  • Safe and discreet
    The place should not be located in shared spaces ex. office buildings or shared storage buildings. It should have its own entrance and preferably be a stand-alone building without any neighbors nearby. Also, additional outdoor space, covered by trees could be a big plus for outdoor activities during the summer season.
  • Run by other kinksters
    Because we are somehow different than the vanilla part of society, our place has to be run by other kinksters or kinky friendly stuff. We want our guests to be fully accepted and welcomed.
  • Affordable
    Although WP 2.0 is a commercial project, fees should be balanced to make it profitable yet should not be overpriced. It should be priced like a higher standard apartment or hotel room with high-level service e.g. around 150-200-250 euro/room/day.
  • High standard of hygiene and cleanness
    This standard is most important as it directly affects both safety and general visitors' experience of using the facility. We need to provide the best solutions, tools, chemistry, and machines that keep the facility clean and fresh. That also includes keeping BDSM gear sterile.
  • High standard of staff service
    Staff should be fluent in English to provide general guidance on rules of facility and use of equipment. Most important staff should be responsible for providing cleaning and keep it at a high standard. Staff members should also have a B driving license to provide the transfer. Also making meals for visitors is part of our service.
  • Unique equipment and room themes
    The facility should provide visitors with possibilities for various kink plays far more than offered by regular dungeons to rent. The design of equipment should be related to the main theme - the prison.

sessions with lady daria and wp 2.0

Moving from the old to place to WP 2.0 will take a lot of effort and will consume a lot of time. I'm suspending sessions for at least 3 months till the new place will be ready plus some time for recovery and my holiday.
Sessions in the new place for sure will be a bit different and quite a lot of changes will be made. For sure WP 2.0 staff will be involved in assisting me with meals, nighttime, morning, and evening routine. Also, many more other Mistresses will join and be involved during my sessions. You can think about a session with Me more as one of many parts of your stay in WP 2.0 than just meetings with Me.

great dream

Expanding the studio to the next level was one of my biggest dreams. The current place in Lomianki was a great place to start, but it already lacked space four years ago. The Warsaw Prison 2.0 is a complex project and it will take a lot of effort to make it work as intended, but I'm sure that in end we will build a legendary place compared to Studio Avalon in Berlin or OWK in the Czech Republic.
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WP 2.0

Ponad 650 mkw powierzchni ! Studio BDSM, studio filmowe i przestrzeń na wydarzenia w Warszawie. Świetna lokalizacja. Na Żoliborzu, 30 min piechotą od Starego Miasta.