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Jak zwykle przy tak złożonym projekcie jest opóźnienie . Pokoje powinny być dostępne pod koniec listopada. Studia A i B gotowe do oficjalnego otwarcia.

investment opportunity

Warsaw Prison 2.0 is runed as a shareholding company. Thanks to this you can buy our facility shares.

We already gathered 98% 460 / 470 shares ( 98% ) . So it is 460 000 pln from 470 000 pln .

Biggest expanses were already made - purchase of floor tiles, wall tiles, wool isolation, plaster boards. We are missing money to buy some final parts - like sanitary ceramics, pvc flooring, make window shutters, extra furnitures and equipment.
At the moment we can see our investment is in the budget so we don't need issue additional shares.
Also as we are VAT tax payer, we will get VAT refund in November which will be around 56 000 pln .

You can watch our progress in our wp youtube channel

who can buy shares?

Anyone. There is no limitation if you are an EU or non-EU citizen. You can buy them as a private person or as a company. You don't need an account in a Polish bank, dividends can be set to any account. To sell you shares we need some basic data like your name, surname, birth date, address, and a number of ID document.

how to buy our shares? how many i can buy?

  • The share issue is set for 470 000 PLN, 470 shares, and 1000 PLN each (around 210 euro). These shares are almost 100% of the company's registered capital.
  • You can buy any amount of shares.
  • If you want buy shares, write us an email to office@warsawprison.com.
  • We will link you to the form which you should fill out. For sure you need to provide your real personal data as is required by the brokerage office.
  • We will provide you with an agreement. The agreement will be concluded if you will sign it and pay for shares.
  • You will get confirmation from the brokerage office and officially become WP 2.0 shareholder.

    taxes, fees

    Taxes only applies for dividends. Tax is 19% . When doing payout for dividends our tax office with deducte taxes and will fill all needed tax forms.


    The dividend comes from company profit. And the end of the year, profit is calculated, and the amount to be paid as a dividend is approved during a shareholders' meeting (held online). Here is our yearly plan for dividends:
    • In the year 2022 - around 50 000 PLN - The dividend for owning one 1000 PLN share will be around 100 PLN.
    • In the year 2023 and following - around 100 000 PLN - The dividend for owning one 1000 PLN share will be around 200 PLN.
    • If company profit will be higher than planned, the dividend will also be higher.

    being anonymous as a shareholder

    First of all shareholding register is kept by the brokerage office, so the first step for a third-party person is to know the name of brokerage. We don't mention the name of the brokerage in any public available documents. Second, the register is not public. Only shareholders and company can view it.

    selling your shares

    You can sell your shares to anyone. There are no limitations, but first, you should ask other shareholders. If needed, we will place an advert on WP 2.0 website that there are shares that can be bought. Also, the company can eventually redeem the shares.

    company of warsaw prison 2.0

    A company is a legal entity - a simplified join stock company. The name of the company 'Scenograficzna' reflects directly official purpose of the company - renting space for movies, pictures, events, doing scenography, and costumes. As a company, we don't care about who and how kind of 'content' will be made and what 'events' will be held. Officially, we JUST rent a space. The company will have an official website, which won't be linked to WP 2.0 website. Company will be managed by mostly by Me. Althouht I will have some help from:
    • Chogal - our studio web developer, and gear master - he made all the gear you can see. If you visited WP, for sure you meet him as he is also our studio driver Chogal. Chogal will also be the official chairman. His furniture making company Steel Alive will be responsible for construction, finishing works, and providing the studio with gear and furniture.
    • 2-3 staff members - it will be their full part job to support Me, Chogal, and our studio guests.

    rent vs buy building

    Having own building would be dream come true. But this kind of building, if we want to buy, is around 2 000 000 - 2 500 000 PLN (440 000 - 540 000 EUR). Companies in Poland can apply for this kind of mortgage after at least 2 years of running a business. Mortgage interest is almost the same amount as the rental fee. Basically, it is too early to think about taking that huge risk.
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