Event space

Organizing events in our facility is tantamount to renting the entire building.

By event we mean:
  • BDSM session with many Ladies / Gentlemen and many slaves lasting a minimum of a day
  • BDSM session with one / two ladies / gentlemen and a few slaves lasting a minimum of a day

  • No other activities can be realized in the facility at the same time as the event.
    The maximum number of participants in one event is 16 people.

    all inclusive

    Organizing an event in the facility and renting its entirety gives you access to all rooms. You do not have to pay extra for the use of additional rooms, such as a dunkin' device or clinic room. Everything is included.

    It is not possible to organize outdoor activities. Everything that happens must happen inside the building.


    Our team is prepared to support the implementation of all events.
    We can participate as an additional Domme/additional Master, be responsible for minor session activities, such as serving food to prisoners, collecting dirty dishes, watching over long-term activities and other tasks as agreed with the event organizer.

    We can also be a support in the background, who organizes food for event participants, cooks or orders meals, supports the use of equipment, shows and explains the principles of the facility, helps in taking pictures.


    Another type of event are workshops organized in our facility. In this case, we allow only one room to be rented for a few hours. There is no obligation to rent the entire facility.

    We try to adapt our space to shibari workshops in particular, thanks to the attachment of many points of attachment to the ceiling beams.

    WP 2.0

    650 sqm of space! The movie studio, BDSM dungeon, and event space in Warsaw. Decent location 30 min by foot from Old Town.

    Easy to reach

    Warsaw can be easily reached by plane. Less than 2 h from most European destinations. Flying from the USA and CA?
    You can easily get directly from Toronto, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles in 8-12h for 500$ both ways!

    Warsaw City

    Warsaw is a beautiful, clean, and very safe city. The Old Town, Wisla river boulevard, Museums, gardens but also a modern city with great transport infrastructure, shopping halls, a lot of good quality hotels and restaurants with tasty food. Also some unique leisures - DeepSpot, FlySpot, Suntago Water Park, shooting ranges, tank driving, car tracks.